You can put the temporary in the same session in which you put the plant?

In principle it is preferable to place a prosthetic crown (temporary or permanent) to the plant osseointegration occurred. This requires that the screw implant remains to rest at the implant site from three to six months without charge for perfect osseointegration. Nevertheless there are specific conditions that may present the ideal conditions to immediately use the system just entered. Schematically, and without being exhaustive we can highlight two well-defined situations: replacing a single tooth in the front and the replacement of all teeth of an entire arch. In the first case entering the system and getting an adequate stability can be inserted to avoid a temporary crown that is in contact with the teeth of the opposite. In this case, the crown will only have aesthetic purposes and non-functional. In the second case, when they want to replace all the teeth of an arch, you can insert an appropriate number of plants (from 6 to 8 implants per arch) and within 24-48 hours place on a temporary fixed installations. Again you will need to use a soft diet for at least 4 weeks in order to avoid integration problems implanted. Of course, by carefully considering each case will be able to define the clinical indications or contraindications to such treatment.